​​​​​​Michael Wood Health Consulting, Inc.

Announcing MWHCI’s New Consulting Service: 

Effective Metabolic Health Improvement 

For Employers, Health Plans & Provider Organizations


Despite years of investment in programs for preventing & improving metabolic conditions such as pre-diabetes, diabetes and obesity, members continue to largely fail to improve their health status or save health care dollars over the long haul. 

  • There has been no ROI after decades of promises and effort, and the costs for these and related metabolic conditions continue to soar out of control. 
  • More & more new and wildly expensive medications are band-aids and don’t get at the root issues/causes of poor metabolic health. 
  • Surgeries for weight-related orthopedic conditions abound, and gastric surgery for obesity is at an all-time high. 
  • Complications of poorly managed diabetes result in costly kidney dialysis, amputations and heart attacks.


Michael Wood Health Consulting, Inc. is now providing strategic consulting to enable employers, health plans, wellness/condition management vendors and provider organizations to transform their programs to reverse/put into remission metabolic conditions, reduce their costs and significantly improve member health. 

  • We achieve this by integrating new, root-cause approaches that have been proven to work in scientifically rigorous, randomized control trials.  
  • These validated studies are showing remarkable results of diabetes/pre-diabetes remission, long-term weight loss, blood pressure control, COPD improvement, cardiovascular disease marker improvement and even helping polycystic ovarian syndrome to reduce the need for in-vitro fertilization.

The recent acknowledgments of the American Diabetes Association (to manage diabetes) and American Lung Association (to manage COPD) has thrust our approach using low carbohydrate ways of eating into the mainstream.


With over 25 years of industry experience with health and wellness programs, I understand how your current programs work/don’t work, their challenges, the data you have available to you, and how to incorporate these new, compelling and scientifically documented approaches.   We follow a disciplined process to transform your programs in as little as 6 months:

 —Assessment of your population’s metabolic health status and opportunities for improvement

—Assessment of your current programs & their effectiveness, including screenings, prevention & disease management

—Development of a strategic plan to improve programs or acquire new ones that leverage proven approaches for better health, weight loss and diabetes remission

 Depending on the plan, we will then:

—Work with your benefit/wellness vendors to bring them up to date and incorporate the latest science 

—Work with your vending and food service contractors to make improvements 

—Conduct RFPs, as necessary, to find new vendors who will incorporate the new approaches

 Contact me at michael@mwhci.net for more information and to start a conversation.


Ongoing Additional Consulting:

Michael Wood Health Consulting provides strategic business consultation to innovative companies entering or expanding in to the consumer health services marketplace.  Our focus is companies seeking to improve the health and health care of US consumers.

From program conception, to product development to marketing development and sales strategy, we provide the industry insight to help our clients break through.  Examples of the types of companies where we apply our many years of experience and deep expertise are:

  • Early stage consumer health companies

  • Legacy health improvement/health care companies expanding services in the consumer health services space

  • Venture capital/equity investment firms needing due diligence or strategic guidance of prospective or portfolio companies

  • High quality, narrow health care network companies

  • Wellness & lifestyle behavior change companies

  • ACOs & Primary Care Medical Homes

  • Health plans/carriers

  • Direct Primary Care companies

We provide both short-term and longer project-based engagements that are customized to meet the objectives of our clients.  We choose to work with those companies who want to make a difference in the health and quality of health care received by everyday people.  Companies who leverage technology and people to produce measurable, positive results in an ethical and transparent way are our clients.