We work with a variety of companies who all have in common a commitment to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of care of people.  There are many types of services in this space that we can help become more successful:

  • Decision-support for consumers needing to vet their diagnosis and treatment options, from minor illnesses to major conditions like back pain, heart disease, cancer or diabetes
  • Health care delivery that seeks to better use evidence-based care and to keep patients well through lowering risks, improving health status, care coordination/advocacy and adhering to mutually agreed upon treatment plans.
  • Quality & price transparency tools and services seeking to maximize their effectiveness and engagement levels
  • Engagement improvement techniques and incentives
  • Technologies (e.g. Apps, portals, trackers, monitors) that seek to better engage consumers in achieving their health goals, making informed  health care decisions and navigation based on their needs, evidence, values and preferences
  • Financial and social incentives development and testing
  • Coaching services that seek to improve health, navigate the health care system, better manage illness and advocate for consumer choice and empowerment
  • Evaluation design and ROI analysis




What We Do

​​​​​​Michael Wood Health Consulting, Inc.